2022 June Release

Fabasoft app.ducx 2021 September ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in Fabasoft app.ducx.

Project Cache File FormatPermanent link for this heading

The cache files for required components are now in COO file format.

ACL TemplatesPermanent link for this heading

By using an existing access control list as template, it is much simpler to create a new access control list. The template is listed after the name of the new access control list and a colon as separator.

The new access control list is initialized by copying all access control entries of the template. Using the keywords add, delete and replace the list of access control entries can be modified, using the audience as key:

  • add
    Adds new access control entries.
  • delete
    Deletes the specified access control entries.
  • replace
    Replaces the specified access control entries by the new list of rights.  

Reference Documentation Syntax Permanent link for this heading

The app.ducx compiler now checks the HTML elements in the reference documentation comments to get a consistent reference documentation:

  • Not all HTML elements are allowed, especially <p> cannot be used.
  • The break line tag must be written as <br/> .
  • The ampersand must be HTML escaped.

Named ArgumentsPermanent link for this heading

Parameters of actions and applications now can be specified by name. After the normal list of values, a list of name-value pairs can be supplied.


usecase SendMail(string fromaddr, string toaddr) {
  variant User {
    expression {
        , , fromaddr, toaddr, "The subject", , , , , , , SENDOPTION_DISABLE_SIGNING);
        , , fromaddr, toaddr, "The subject",

Additional ChecksPermanent link for this heading

The following checks have been added:

  • Variables of type content are recognized and checked.
  • For arguments single/multiple discrepancies are marked with a warning.
  • Stronger checking of used scope variables in legacy customization points.
  • Default branch types cannot be set anymore.