2022 April Release

Fabasoft app.ducx 2021 February ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft app.ducx 2021 February Release.

Eclipse BIRTPermanent link for this heading

Eclipse BIRT 4.8 is supported.

Microsoft Word FieldsPermanent link for this heading

You can now provide a default set of properties of your object class as fields within Microsoft Word documents.

To do this, define a new row in the aggregate property FSCFIELDS@1.1001:classglobalfields of your object class. Within this aggregate define FSCFIELDS@1.1001:FlatAttributeSet in the property FSCFIELDS@1.1001:fcfieldlist. Thereby all properties of your object class, which are not filtered out by the filter of the object, are automatically configured as fields and you do not have to include every single property in this aggregate list. 

You can also define your own AttributeSet and define additional filters or hide your own properties.