2022 June Release

Fabasoft app.ducx 2021 December ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in Fabasoft app.ducx.

Content ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

The content interface has new properties.




Get or initialize the content with a base-16-encoded string.


Get or initialize the content with a base-64-encoded string.


Get the internal ID of the content.


Get or initialize the content with a string.


Get or initialize the content with a path name.


Get or initialize the assigned object.

InitializationPermanent link for this heading

The sequence initialization is now JSON compatible.

  • Can be used with “=” or “:”.
  • Each item can be terminated with “,”.
  • For dictionaries strings can be used as identifiers.
  • Contents can be initialized using the new properties.


usecase InitDictionary(retval dictionary datainput) {
  variant User {
    expression {
      content @co = {base16:"4041"};
      dictionary datainput = {
        "$surname" = "Doe",
        "$firstname" = "Joe",
        "info" = @co,};

Cloud Apps Can Extend “COOATTREDIT@1.1:AppPackage”Permanent link for this heading

Cloud apps can add software components to packages.

Keyword “override” for BehaviorsPermanent link for this heading

The keyword override suppresses the information about duplicate behavior definitions in property definitions.

Parameter Replacement With “throw”Permanent link for this heading

In the throw statement it is possible to add arguments after the error message object. If this is the case, the text of the error message is used as format string and the resulting text is set as error message text. See COOSYSTEM@1.1:RaiseError for more details.


if (!coouser.CheckAddress(toaddr)) {
  coouser.RaiseError(#IllegalMailAddress, toaddr);
// is replaced by
if (!coouser.CheckAddress(toaddr)) {
  throw #IllegalMailAddress, toaddr;

Test-Only ProjectsPermanent link for this heading

Software component projects can be marked as test-only in the “Properties” dialog. The resulting COO file can be loaded in a test system, but not in a production system.

Full Qualification Removed in Dialog LayoutsPermanent link for this heading

When switching from the “Dialog Editor View” to the “Code View” the used objects are referenced with short references if possible.

Enhanced Tooltips for Attribute Definition ModifiersPermanent link for this heading

Attribute definition modifiers now have tooltips to clarify the meaning of the keyword.