2021 April Release

Fabasoft app.ducx 2021 April ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in Fabasoft app.ducx.

Language-Files in CSVPermanent link for this heading

All language dependent strings and user documentation of all languages can now be combined into one file for translations and for explanations. You can convert old projects with the “Convert to CSV” button (“Properties” > “Fabasoft app.ducx” > “Advanced”).

nocopy TriggerPermanent link for this heading

The keyword nocopy can be used to specify a property with copy = NoOperation.


objmodel APPDUCXSAMPLE@200.200

  import COOSYSTEM@1.1;

  class Order : CompoundObject {
    // The value of the ID property of an order must not be copied when
    // an order object is duplicated

    unsigned integer(6) orderid nocopy;