2021 September Release

Fabasoft app.ducx 2020 April ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft app.ducx 2020 April Release.

Short Expression PropertiesPermanent link for this heading

All assignments to expression properties can now be implemented with a constant. This comes especially handy for the user interface expressions, i.e. visible or mustbedef.

Result Type of ExpressionsPermanent link for this heading

The types of the result values of all expressions are determined and checked against the declared type. If there are expressions with dynamic result types or expressions which are used in various contexts, the developer can specify an expression property with the required result type.


Object mode APPDUCXSAMPLE@200.200
  import COOSYSTEM@1.1;
  import FSCCOLD@1.1;
action AnApp() {
    expression {



    dialog Show {

      behaviors {


         condition = expression as hintargselectiontypeexpr {

            if (cooobj) {