2020 November Release

Fabasoft app.ducx 2016 December ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft app.ducx 2016 December Release.

Quick Fix for Property ActionsPermanent link for this heading

When specifying not implemented actions as triggers in a property definition, the quick fix for this action supplies the correct parameter prototype and object class in the generated use case.

Quick Fix for Display ViewsPermanent link for this heading

We have implemented transformer from generic display views to columns, including mlname format conversion.

Sorting for Column GroupsPermanent link for this heading

In column groups the sorting direction can now be specified.


columns for Folder (

  objchildren {





  groupby {

    objclass asc;



Tracer ViewPermanent link for this heading

A different view to the trace is provided by the Tracer View. The trace flags in Preferences are also used for this view.

This view contains buttons to start and stop the tracer. If not running while executing a expression it is automatically started and after completion of the expression stopped.

The Tracer View maintains tree nodes for every executing thread.