2022 April Release

Enum COOHASHOBJ@1.1:CollisionHandling Permanent link for this heading

This type enumerates the provided collision handling functions. Collision handling happens, when multiple different unique keys map to the same hash value and therefore to the same object address. Collision handling is the way, how a different object address is computed, if a new object with a new unique key should be stored in a hash table, and there is already an object stored at that particular object address.

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Linear With Fix Offset

The next object address tried is computed with a fixed offset from the last object address. If the upper bound of the hash table is reached, the computed address wraps around.



Double Hashing

Computes the offset for the collision handling by hashing the hash value (double hash). Is generally preferable to the linear hashing. Depending on the key structure linear hashing can in some cases cause long collision handling paths.