2022 June Release

Prototype FSCEXCHANGERATES@1.1001:GetCurrencyRatesPrototype Permanent link for this heading

Actions with this prototype can be used to update the currency exchange rates of a currency table. An action of this prototype should return a conversion table, the date of the exchange rates, and the source data (e.g. the http response body of a web service call). The action will be called automatically or from the context menu. The returned conversion table will be merged with the conversion table of the conversion table object.
For information purpose the current rates of the conversion table will be provided as input value in the parameter convtab. The implementation may only retrieve rates for currencies in that list or return additional rates. The action may be referenced in the property currconvaction of a conversion table.
Note: Users who should set this property must be able to search for these actions.

void FSCEXCHANGERATES@1.1001:GetCurrencyRatesPrototype(
  ref CurrConvTableList[] convtab,
  out datetime convdate,
  out Content convsource)






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