2022 June Release

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The prototype for actions that search properties by filtering objects in the kernel. These actions are specified in property attractsearch of a property definition. They are called twice by the kernel, when the property definition is part of the query. The first time such an action is called is before the server query is executed. In this case the parameter before has the value true. This can be used to make restrictions for the following query, e.g. to select the COO Services or domains, where the server query should be executed. The second time the matching objects are filtered for the specified condition. In this case the parameter before has the value false. During a single query multiple search actions can be executed, depending on the properties used in the conditions of the query. The second call of a search action (parameter before set to false) can also occur multiple times. If the result set from the server query is large, it is split into multiple chunks.

void COOSYSTEM@1.1:AttrSearchPrototype(
  AttributeDefinition attrdef,
  ref object[] objlist,
  ConditionOperator condop,
  any value,
  boolean before,
  ref optional object[] domainlist)









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