2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCVENVUI@1.1001:GetLogoContainer Permanent link for this heading

This Customization point defines which logo is displayed based on the object class of the selected object. You may define different customizations depending upon the logo type which is requested. The supported logo types are defined by LogoType. This customization point is called in GetLogo in order to define the object from which the logo should be retrieved. If this object does not have the proper logo properties (e.g. objlogoimage), no logo is shown.

customize GetLogoContainer<Object> {
  cont = expression {
    if (cooobj.HasClass(#TeamRoom)) {
    else {
      cooobj.objteamroom != null ? cooobj.objteamroom : null;

Object FSCVENVUI@1.1001:GetLogoContainer(
  key ObjectClass objclass,
  key LogoType type,
  out retval Object cont)




applies to objects of the defined object class


the type of logo this customization is called for


defines a Fabasoft app.ducx expression to calculate the object that contains the logo (objlogoimage) that should be displayed

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