2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCVENVUI@1.1001:CPMindbreezePropBoosting Permanent link for this heading

This customization point delivers a list of properties that should be boosted in a Mindbreeze search.
The customization point is evaluated on the current object the user navigates to on the client.
When defining this customization point the optional keys may be null, therefore a special evaluation mechanism is required. Instead of direct evaluation of the customization point, the action EvaluateCPMindbreezePropBoosting is used.

customize CPMindbreezePropBoosting<Folder, null, null> {
  propboostingdicts = expression {
    dictionary[] propboostings = [
        factor: 2

dictionary[] FSCVENVUI@1.1001:CPMindbreezePropBoosting(
  key ObjectClass objclass,
  key optional ObjectClass roomclass,
  out retval dictionary[] propboostingdicts)




Customization point applies if the current object the user navigates to belongs to this class. This is not the object class that holds the properties that should be boosted!


Customization point applies if the current object belongs to a room of this type.


A dictionary list containing dictionaries for each boosting.
Each property boosting dictionary has entries with following keys:
  • id: The name of the property in the Mindbreeze index. This name is either defined in fscmbextref of the Mindbreeze configuration or the simple attribute reference (see interface action CooObject::GetSimpleReference) prefixed with "_". For example, the simple reference of objcategory is _COOTC_1_1001_objcategory.
  • factor: The boosting factor

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