2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCVENVUI@1.1001:BackgroundMenuFooterTips Permanent link for this heading

Customization point to show information text in different locations in the client, e.g. used for
- tips at the bottom of empty lists (just below the background menu)
- badge in the actions pane
- badge in the public link page
- text for not found documents in public link page
The customization must return a list of BackgroundMenuTips. The returned date will be rendered in the client.

BackgroundMenuTip[] FSCVENVUI@1.1001:BackgroundMenuFooterTips(
  key ObjectClass objclass,
  key optional AttributeDefinition property,
  out retval BackgroundMenuTip[] tips)




Customization is valid for objects of this class. In case of the action pane badge, the class Portal is used. In case of the information shown on the public link page, the class User is used.


A property as context. In case of the background tips the object list where the tips will appear is passed. In case of the badge on the public link page, paurl is used. In case of a non valid public link the COOSYSTEM@1.1:pasecrete property is used.


The data that should be rendered in the client.

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