2022 June Release

Customization Point FSCUSERFORMS@1.1001:CPGetAllowedFieldRestrictedUseClasses Permanent link for this heading

Defines the allowed classes that can be selected for an object attribute in a user form.
The attributes with this type is defined as child attribute, so the object will get the room applied
If you want to add additional classes for your room class, use cooobj.CPGetAllowedFieldRestrictedUseClasses(#MyClass.classsuperclass) to include the default values in your result, where #MyClass is the class your of your customization.

ObjectClass[] FSCUSERFORMS@1.1001:CPGetAllowedFieldRestrictedUseClasses(
  key ObjectClass roomclass,
  out retval ObjectClass[] allowedrestricteduseclasses)




room object class


list of possible allowed classes

Additional Information