2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPRoomProcessParticipantPermissions Permanent link for this heading

This customization point is used to define if the team can be extended when a participant with insufficient access to the object is added to the process.

customize CPRoomProcessParticipantPermissions<Room, Object> {
  allowchange = expression {
    cooobj.CanInvite() && cooobj.GetUserManagedRoles(coouser, null, false)
  changeappliation = expression { #ChangeRoomProcessPartPermissions; }

customize CPRoomProcessParticipantPermissions<TeamRoom, PDFObject> {
  allowchange = expression { false; }

boolean FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPRoomProcessParticipantPermissions(
  key ObjectClass roomclass,
  key ObjectClass objclass,
  out retval boolean allowchange,
  out Application changeappliation,
  Object object,
  optional WorkFlowParticipant[] participants,
  optional AdministrationObject[] partusersgroups)




the object class of the room to which the object of the process is assigned to


the object class of the object of the process


the result of this parameter defines if a branch to change the permissions of the participant should be displayed


the application returned by this parameter is called when clicking the branch to change the permissions; the application is intended to change the permissions of the affected participants in a separate transaction and is only called when the prototype ProcessPartPermissionsPrototype is used


the object on which the process is running and the participants have insufficient access permissions Note: changeappliation must use a separate transaction because the main transaction is aborted afterwards


the workflow participant which have insufficient access permissions


the participants resolved to users and groups

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