2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPChangeAllocationPermission Permanent link for this heading

This customization point is used to define the access types which are needed in the source room to change the allocation of an object another room. The customization point is evaluated by the action HasRoomChangeAllocationAccess and executed on the source room. The use cases are described by instances of the object class Context.

customize CPChangeAllocationPermission<TeamRoom> {
  requiredpermission = expression {
    return #AccTypeChangeSec;

AccessType[] FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPChangeAllocationPermission(
  key ObjectClass objclass,
  out retval AccessType[] requiredpermission)




the object class of the room to which the current object is assigned to


access type required to change the room

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