2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPAutoCreateAppConfiguration Permanent link for this heading

This customization point defines if an app configuration room should be created automatically for an organization when the app which supplies the app configuration is licensed. If the app configuration room is created automatically, the users returned by the customization point FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPInitalConfigurationUsers will be the initial administrators of the app configuration room. Otherwise, these users will see a welcome screen entry to create an app configuration room.

customize CPAutoCreateAppConfiguration<ScrumCenter> {
  autocreate = false;

boolean FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:CPAutoCreateAppConfiguration(
  key ObjectClass objclass,
  out retval direct boolean autocreate)




defines the object class of the app configuration room


defines if the room should be created automatically (true) or if a welcome screen event should be displayed (false)

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