2022 April Release

Customization Point FSCCONFIG@1.1001:CPQuickSearchSuffix Permanent link for this heading

This customization point defines the properties to be displayed in the enhanced appearance. A search result of the object class cfgobjclass is displayed in the cfgattrdefopt list according to the additionaldescription and the cfgmultilinedescription expression. If cfgattrdefopt does not contain a value, the setting applies to all lists. For the "Simple" appearance, the result of the cfgmlnamesuffix value is used. For the "Enhanced" appearance, the result of the cfgmultilinedescription expression is used. The cfgmlnamesuffix value is used as a fallback (if not defined).

customize CPQuickSearchSuffix<User> {
  cfgmultilinedescription = expression {
    UserRoleList[] @defroles = cooobj.userroles[COOSYSTEM@1.1:default];
    string @rolename = "";
    if (count(@defroles) == 0) {
      @defroles = cooobj.userroles;
    if (count(@defroles) > 0) {
      UserRoleList @defrole = @defroles[0];
      if (@defrole != null) {
        @rolename = @defrole.userrolepos.objname;
        @rolename += " "+@defrole.userrolegroup.grshortname;
        if (@defrole.userroleclientdomain != null) {
          @rolename += " ("+@defrole.userroleclientdomain.objname+")";
    [cooobj.objname, @rolename];

void FSCCONFIG@1.1001:CPQuickSearchSuffix(
  key ObjectClass cfgobjclass,
  key optional AttributeObjectDef cfgattrdefopt,
  out direct LanguageStringList[] cfgmlnamesuffix,
  out string[] cfgmultilinedescription)




applies to objects of the defined object class


optionally the customization applies to this property


this result can only be displayed in one line and is displayed after the object name


this Fabasoft app.ducx expression defines the additional properties to be displayed the result can also be displayed in multiple lines for displaying a multiline result, \n is used for starting a new line

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