2022 June Release

Control COOATTREDIT@1.1:CTRLURLNav Permanent link for this heading

This control is used to display and edit an URL in a text field including a button, which opens the URL in a new web browser window.

  boolean FireHidden,
  string DisplayName,
  string Protocol,
  any Placeholder,
  string InputAutocomplete)




Only available in read-only mode. If True the URL is not opened in a new window but in an embedded iFrame. This will be done for URLs of type mailto:, tel:, fax:, sip:, sips:, and skype: by default, too.


Only available in read-only mode. Display the string passed in this argument instead of the URL itself.


Defines the default protocol of the URL (e.g. "https:", "mailto:", "tel:", etc.). This argument is ignored if the property value itself contains already a protocol. If this argument is omitted the control tries to find an appropriate protocol. If the property value matches with an e-mail address, "mailto:" is used. If the property value matches with a telephone number, "tel:" is used otherwise "http:" is used.


Defines a string that is displayed as a placeholder in the background of the text field as long as there is no value in it. You can use an ordinary string or a String object if you want multilingual support.


Defines a string that is used for the "autocomplete" attribute of the input field. Use strings from https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/form-control-infrastructure.html#autofill to improve accessibility.

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