2022 June Release

Control COOATTREDIT@1.1:CTRLTimespan Permanent link for this heading

This control is used to display and edit a time span in days, hours, minutes and seconds. Note: It is not possible to omit all the fields. In that case the argument omitseconds=true is ignored. If the value that should be displayed requires a certain field to be available, the corresponding argument is ignored. This means for example that omitseconds=true is ignored if the value is 1 (meaning 1 second), since it is not possible to display 1 second using the days, hours, or minutes fields. On the other hand, omitdays=true is not ignored if the value is 90000 (25*60*60 or 25 hours) since it is not necessary to show the days field for that.

layout {
  row {
    // omit days and seconds
    CTRLTimespan("omitdays=true omitseconds=true") ctrlsampletimespan {
      colspan = 4;
      labelposition = left;

  string Change,
  boolean omitdays,
  boolean omithours,
  boolean omitminutes,
  boolean omitseconds)




Defines the JavaScript function, which should be called when the value of the control has been changed.


Defines whether the days field is omitted in the timespan.


Defines whether the hours field is omitted in the timespan.


Defines whether the minutes field is omitted in the timespan.


Defines whether the seconds field is omitted in the timespan.

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