2022 June Release

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This control is used to enable the selection of a value out of a list of key/value pairs. The key/value pairs are derived from a CooDictionary. The available options that have to be stored in the dictionary may be determined for example by a web service (e.g. zip code/city). A Fabasoft Folio Domain can also be used as a web service (e.g. retrieving a dictionary with object_address/object_name entities by a SOAP call).
The selected value is stored in a compound property, which consists of at least two string properties. The key of the selected entry is stored in the first property and the value is stored in the second property of the compound property.
The DictionarySelection compound type can be used for properties. The AttrGetDictSelDisp display action can be used to display the property values in a column of an object list.
The Sorting of List property of the compound type determines whether and how (ascending or descending) the dropdown list is sorted.
In read-mode the currently stored value is displayed. In edit-mode the value for the currently stored key is retrieved from the dictionary before it is displayed. If the key could not be found in the dictionary anymore, the old value is displayed.

  any Source,
  string Change)




Defines the source of the dictionary, from which the values are determined. The dictionary that stores the available options should have the same name as the property’s reference followed by _hint (e.g. the property is called MYSWC@100.999:city the dictionary containing the options should be stored in a variable called city_hint in the vApp). It is also possible to pass a name for a variable in the vApp that contains the dictionary or a reference of a dictionary property.


Defines the JavaScript function, which should be called when the value of the control has been changed.

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