2022 April Release

Class COODESK@1.1:UIScopingRule Permanent link for this heading

Class Hierarchy

Object > ComponentObject > Expression > UIScopingRule

An expression that will return a ComponentObject that represents the current scope for menus, menu expansions, task panes or forms.
This will allow to show different menus, task panes or forms, depending on the returned scope. A UIScopingRule expression can be referenced in
  1. commanduiscopingrule of the UserEnvironment of the current user
  2. commanduiscopingrule of the current domain (CurrentDomain)
  3. commanduiscopingrule of a FSCVAPP@1.1001:DefaultConfiguraion.
The default UIScopingRule of DomainTypeFolioFSCVAPPConfig is ScopingRuleRoom.

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