2022 April Release

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Class Hierarchy

Object > ComponentObject > ActiveReport > ActiveReport_Text

Defines a component object that generates text in a Microsoft Windows Notepad document via "active reporting". It is the most simple embedding mechanism: embedding script code into plain text. Per default the scripts are embedded into unformatted text using the following brackets: "<%" as opening bracket and ">%" as closing bracket. You can change these characters in the property transembplain. Using plain text report templates is the most straightforward and also the most flexible way to design Active Reports. However, if the output to be produced has to be a rich document including things like tables and pictures, those rich data types have to be brought down to a plain text level, e.g. using HTML source code. It is perfectly valid for the static parts of the document to follow any syntax needed by presentation tools, like XML or HTML. For the Active Reporting mechanism, the static text of a template will not be processed in any way (after excavating the active parts) if the Active Reporting format Unformatted Text is used. Therefore, one can use any higher level syntax for writing the static text of the template document.

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