Object Class Content (GENCONT@1.1:ContentObject)

Object Class Hierarchy

COOSYSTEM@1.1:Object > COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentObject > GENCONT@1.1:ContentObject

This class can be used to store contents, when there is no specific object class for the given type of content. This class is used e.g. by the Fabasoft Components desk, when a document is imported or dragged from the Windows desktop to the Fabasoft Components desk, and there is no object class for contents, that has the extension of the imported file.

Additional Information

Default Background Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootWinContext
Compound: false
Action for Moving Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoMove
Default Context Menu (Container Independent): COODESK@1.1:MenuRootOLEContContext
Abstract: false
ACL Object: COOSYSTEM@1.1:DefaultGlobalACL
Symbol: COODESK@1.1:SymbolContent
Commonly usable: true
Default Context Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootContext
Base Class: COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentObject
Action for Linking Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoLink
Action for Copying Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoCopy
Display Mode: DISP_LINES
Default Main Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootFolder