Object Class IBM Notes Link (FSCNOTES@1.1:NotesLink)

Object Class Hierarchy

COOSYSTEM@1.1:Object > COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentObject > FSCNOTES@1.1:NotesLink

Retrieves the recipients of each currently selected Microsoft Office Outlook Mail Object.

Additional Information

Default Background Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootWinContext
Compound: false
Action for Moving Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoMove
Default Context Menu (Container Independent): COODESK@1.1:MenuRootOLEContContext
Abstract: false
ACL Object: COOSYSTEM@1.1:DefaultGlobalACL
Symbol: COODESK@1.1:SymbolNotesLink
Default Context Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootContext
Base Class: COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentObject
Action for Linking Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoLink
Display Mode: DISP_LINES
Action for Copying Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoCopy
Default Main Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootFolder