Object Class Resource Definition (COOWF@1.1:ResourceDefinition)

Object Class Hierarchy

COOSYSTEM@1.1:Object > COOSYSTEM@1.1:ComponentObject > COOSYSTEM@1.1:ConfigurationObject > COOWF@1.1:ResourceDefinition

Objects of the class can be used to define the resources used by background activities and by wait actions in a process. The definition of resources for this activities has the advantage, that all activities using the same resource are pooled in a separate thread pool in the Fabasoft Components/AT service.
As a special case if a wait action using a resource blocks the execution of a process (maybe because the resource is not available) all background activities, that share this resource are blocked also (not only the activities in the process of the wait action).

Additional Information

Default Background Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootWinContext
Compound: false
Default Context Menu (Container Independent): COODESK@1.1:MenuRootOLEContext
Action for Moving Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoMove
Abstract: false
ACL Object: COOSYSTEM@1.1:DefaultAdministratorACL
Symbol: COODESK@1.1:SymbolTasksAutomated
Default Context Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootContext
Base Class: COOSYSTEM@1.1:ConfigurationObject
Action for Linking Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoLink
Default Main Menu: COODESK@1.1:MenuRootAdmin
Action for Copying Objects: COODESK@1.1:DragIntoCopy
Display Mode: DISP_LINES


COOSYSTEM@1.1:mlnameMultilingual Name


COOSYSTEM@1.1:mlname (Multilingual Name)

Stores the multilingual name of the object. It stores one name for each supported language.

Additional Information

Changeable in Installed Component: true
Action to Get Display String of Property: COOSYSTEM@1.1:AttrGetDisp
Action Called Before Property Is Saved: COOSYSTEM@1.1:AttrObjNameBuildSet
Multiple Values (Overrides Type): true
ACL Object: COOSYSTEM@1.1:DefaultDeveloperACL
Type: COOSYSTEM@1.1:LanguageStringList
Secured: true
Changeable: true
Must Be Defined: false
Visible: true