Object Class Container Object (COOLOADER@1.1:ContainerObject)

Object Class Hierarchy

COOSYSTEM@1.1:Object > COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentObject > COOLOADER@1.1:ContainerObject

Defines an object with content that stores Fabasoft Components objects in a text file with the loader format. The format is equivalent to the format used by the Fabasoft Components server loader.

Additional Information

Abstract: false
Base Class: COOSYSTEM@1.1:ContentObject
Compound: false
ACL Object: COOSYSTEM@1.1:DefaultAdministratorACL





Loads objects from the content file of a container object. If the objects already exist, they are updated, otherwise they are created. If a parent object with an object list is specified, the newly created top level objects are added to this object list.
parentCOOSYSTEM@1.1:OBJECTinfalse If specified, the newly created objects are added to the list of children of this object.
parentattrCOOSYSTEM@1.1:OBJECTintrue The object list property of the "parent object". The newly created objects are added to this object list. If a parent is specified and no parentattr is specified, it defaults to COOSYSTEM@1.1:objchildren.
progressCOOSYSTEM@1.1:OBJECTintrue Write progress information to this object.
messagesCOOSYSTEM@1.1:STRINGLISTouttrue Returns the messages generated during the loading.

Additional Information

Access Types: COOSYSTEM@1.1:AccTypeRead
ACL Object: COOSYSTEM@1.1:DefaultDeveloperACL