2021 September Release

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The customization point FSCPDFGEN@1.1001:TOCElementConfiguration defines the compound elements and their depending objects that should be displayed in the table of contents of the PDF overview.

The customization point FSCPDFGEN@1.1001:TOCElementConfiguration is evaluated in the use case “View as PDF” when the document definition FSCPDFGEN@1.1001:TOCDocumentDefinition is configured for the target object of the use case.


customize TOCElementConfiguration<tocecclass> {
  tocecincludeexpr = expression {...}
tocecchildattrdefs = objectlist


  • tocecclass
    The customization applies to objects of the defined object class.
  • tocecincludeexpr
    Defines an expression to check if the current object should be included in the PDF overview. Note: This parameter is only evaluated for the root entry when it is found for the first time in the table of contents. To include the root element self and not only it’s children the expression must return true.
  • tocecchildattrdefs
    Defines the properties where the depending objects are located.

In the expression following additional variables are available:

  • toceroot
    Container object for which the table of contents should is generated. This parameter is normally used to display the root element in separate ways when it is contained multiple times in the table of contents.


customize TOCElementConfiguration<Folder> {
  tocecincludeexpr = expression {
Use only objects that are in the same room as the current root

    return tocecroot.GetObjectTeamRoom() == cooobj.GetObjectTeamRoom();
  tocecchildattrdefs = {

customize PDFOverviewConfiguration<Folder> {
  pdfovconcernedexpr = expression {
    return [this, GetObjectList(, GetChildrenAttrDef(), , true)];
  pdfovdocdef = TOCDocumentDefinition;

Note: Reference the software component FSCCONV@1.1001 in your Fabasoft app.ducx project for this customization point together with FSCPDFGEN@1.1001.