2022 June Release

Setting Up the Development EnvironmentPermanent link for this heading

Before you can get started with the implementation of your application, you need to set up your development environment.

More precisely, you have to install Eclipse as well as the Fabasoft app.ducx and Fabasoft app.test plug-ins on your computer so you can start coding and creating automated tests for your application.

Installing the Eclipse IDEPermanent link for this heading

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides an extensible plug-in system.

You can either download the Eclipse IDE (64 bit) free of charge from the Eclipse web site (https://www.eclipse.org/downloads) and manually install the Fabasoft app.ducx and app.test plug-in or you can download a fully preconfigured Eclipse containing everything you need from here: Fabasoft app.ducx for Cloud App Development (Eclipse Packages)

If you want to set up Eclipse by yourself, proceed as follows:

  1. Download Eclipse Adoptium OpenJDK 11 (JRE, HotSpot) (x64) as ZIP file and copy the JRE folder in the Eclipse folder and rename the copied folder to jre.
  2. Edit the eclipse.ini file. In the VM arguments section ensure that Xms is set at least to one and Xmx to four gigabytes. In addition, define the cloud profile.


  3. To manually install or update the Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in, add an Eclipse update site that points to https://download.fabasoft.com/updates/update_appducx/.
  4. To manually install or update the Fabasoft app.test plug-in, add an Eclipse update site that points to https://download.fabasoft.com/updates/update_apptest/.

Development DomainPermanent link for this heading

For developing applications with Fabasoft app.ducx, you need a deveolpemtn domain.

Fabasoft Cloud

For the cloud app development, a VDE (“Virtual Development Environment”) is provided when you sign up as cloud app developer. More information can be found in the document “Developing Fabasoft Cloud Apps”.

Fabasoft Folio

Fabasoft app.ducx must be installed in the development domain. The development domain must have the same version as the productive domain where the developed software components are installed.

It is recommended that the Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in has the same version as the domain, but it is supported to use a newer Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in with an older domain.

At least two licenses are necessary for a developer domain. One license is required for the domain itself. The other license contains Fabasoft app.ducx used to specify the mayor and minor domain ID of the component objects created during the development process. Make sure that the Fabasoft app.ducx license is loaded into the domain before starting developing.