2022 June Release

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Fabasoft app.ducx is Fabasoft’s powerful use case-oriented application development system for developing your own applications. It is comprised of several declarative modeling languages that should be familiar to C++, C# and Java programmers. Fabasoft app.ducx combines the productivity gains of rapid application development languages and the power of Fabasoft technology.

The Fabasoft app.ducx reference documentation series consists of the following three consecutive documents:

  • Fabasoft app.ducx for Cloud Developers
    This document explains all concepts and use cases that are relevant for Cloud and Folio developers. This document is aimed at software developers interested in exploring the tremendous potential of Fabasoft app.ducx.
    Note: You are currently reading this document.
  • Fabasoft app.ducx Extensions for Folio Developers
    This document describes extensions that are relevant for Folio developers. It is highly recommended to read “Fabasoft app.ducx for Cloud Developers” beforehand, because all the presented concepts are also directed at Folio developers.
  • Fabasoft app.ducx Extensions for Java Developers
    This document provides an overview of using Java in your app.ducx project. Java can only be used along with Folio. It is highly recommended to read “Fabasoft app.ducx Extensions for Folio Developers” beforehand.

Benefits of Creating Applications Based on Fabasoft TechnologyPermanent link for this heading

In this section, the main benefits of developing applications based on Fabasoft software products are presented and discussed briefly.

Content Governance

Applications built with Fabasoft app.ducx benefit from Fabasoft’s seamless integration of business process management, enterprise content management, and records management. The advantage for your business arises from the widespread and consistent availability of information and the standardized, secure way it can be accessed in the context of your application.

Using Fabasoft software as its basis, your application also meets all of your knowledge management, relationship management and compliance management needs.


Applications based on Fabasoft software enable you to rapidly and easily transform your compliance procedures and guidelines into structured electronic business processes. The system maintains revision-safe documentation of the implementation of these processes and all related work. This documentation is available to authorized individuals for consultation during compliance audits.

Content Life Cycle Management

Fabasoft offers complete management of your application’s business objects for the entire duration of their life cycle.

Text modules and templates are used right from the start when the document is first created. Documents are clearly ordered according to business connections, events, projects, files or any other relationship meaningful to your business. Access rights ensure that security guidelines for sensitive documents such as personnel records are complied with while at the same time guaranteeing maximum flexibility of business processes.

Fabasoft features a powerful workflow technology to achieve efficiency and transparency in business processes. Ad hoc and predefined workflows can be easily created, configured and re-used. Using a graphical user interface, the status of any given process and its associated business objects can be monitored in real time.

Access Protection and Access Rights System

A sophisticated access rights system ensures that sensitive data can only be viewed by authorized users. Who is authorized to do what in which phase of a process can be specified effortlessly, right down to individual operations and data fields. In addition, an automatic record can also be kept of accessed content that requires special protection.

Benefits of Fabasoft app.ducxPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx relies on cutting-edge technology to facilitate rapid application development. This section gives a concise overview of the main benefits of Fabasoft app.ducx.

Shorter Time to Value

The use case-oriented approach of developing applications with Fabasoft app.ducx focuses on the perspective of the end-user. Powerful domain-specific languages reduce the complexity of projects leading to less ambiguity and fewer errors between specification and implementation. As a result, maintenance and development costs can be reduced while at the same time increasing end-user satisfaction.

Automated testing with Fabasoft app.test integrated into your development environment will help you to achieve a consistent level of high-quality application development. Through its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, running comprehensive tests against your application has never been easier.

Holistic Application Life Cycle Management

Software development with Fabasoft app.ducx follows a development process model that describes a standardized approach to the variety of tasks and activities that take place during the process of creating an application. This development process model is called the software development life cycle.

Fabasoft app.ducx is part of the Fabasoft application life cycle management suite that supports the entire software development life cycle. Fabasoft app.ducx allows you to manage and control the software development life cycle from within your development environment (Eclipse).

Integrated in Your Development Environment

In keeping with Fabasoft’s commitment to provide platform independence, Fabasoft app.ducx is a development platform for both the Microsoft Windows and Linux worlds and is therefore integrated into Eclipse. This means greater flexibility for your organization while developing solutions.

Automated Testing

Fabasoft app.test is a powerful tool for the automated testing of your application. Recording and playing of interactions happens within a context-sensitive user interface.

Localization and Customization

Fabasoft app.ducx allows for an easy and effortless localization and customization of your application.

Integrated Compiler

Fabasoft app.ducx allows you to benefit from the rich metadata, compile-time syntax checking, static typing and auto-completion previously available only to imperative programming languages.

Using the compiler provided with Fabasoft app.ducx, a Fabasoft app.ducx project can be compiled by simply triggering the build process of the respective development environment, which produces a container file (with a .coo extension). This file is then automatically loaded into the development domain.


The Fabasoft app.ducx compiler produces a container file, which is uploaded to a web service connected to your develpment domain.

Automatic Address Management

With Fabasoft app.ducx, you do not need to worry about address management anymore. Fabasoft app.ducx automatically assigns addresses to all component objects created and keeps track of address assignments.

“Convention Over Configuration” Principle

Fabasoft app.ducx uses a set of coding and naming conventions that when adhered to eliminate the need for configuring every single aspect of your software solution. As a result, you need to write less code which will make software development and maintenance much easier.

General Remarks Concerning ExamplesPermanent link for this heading

The examples used throughout this book contain code fragments that were specifically created as examples to highlight the use of a particular concept or aspect of software development with Fabasoft app.ducx.

Please be aware that not all examples in this book are completely self-contained. In order to save space, certain parts have been omitted in some of the examples.