2022 June Release

Working With Fabasoft app.ducx Projects Using EclipsePermanent link for this heading

If you want to use Java for implementing use cases, you have to consider following additional aspect when working with app.ducx projects.

Adding Additional Contents (JARs etc.)Permanent link for this heading

Additional contents may be specified within the Fabasoft app.ducx project settings. It is solely for additional contents, e.g. help contents (Compiled Help Files) or contents for a specific platform, e.g. Windows x64 only. These contents will be part of your software component.

Contents are simply added by dropping a bunch of files from the file system. Additional properties may be set after drop. The basename is initially constructed from the basename of the file. The type is CCT_NORMAL by default. The basename may be changed.

Fabasoft app.ducx tries to identify available variables. The longest match is used. Variables include environment variables and variables available within in Eclipse.

Note: When using a build process out of eclipse, Eclipse variables might not be available.

Fabasoft app.ducx projects using Java implementations also provide a Java archive which contains the implementations of the dedicated actions and use cases. This archive is created by a separate builder which runs only when the project is uploaded to the specified Fabasoft Folio domain.