2022 June Release

Testing and DebuggingPermanent link for this heading

This chapter outlines testing and debugging features that are relevant for Folio developers.

Tracing in Fabasoft app.ducx ProjectsPermanent link for this heading

On the server, trace messages are written to the Fabasoft app.ducx Tracer, which can be found in the Setup\ComponentsBase\Trace folder of your installation kit.

To enable tracing, you can select several Trace modes in the project preferences dialog box of Eclipse.

  • With trace mode “Trace Errors” enabled, errors that occur during runtime are traced.
  • With trace mode “Trace Expressions” enabled, %%TRACE, %%FAIL and %%ASSERT directives are evaluated for your software component.
  • With trace mode “Trace Calls” enabled, the invocation of each use case of your app.ducx project produces extensive trace output.