2021 September Release

Updating Fabasoft app.ducx projects using EclipsePermanent link for this heading

If existing projects should be compiled for a newer version of Fabasoft Folio carry out following steps.

  • Make sure that the Fabasoft Folio Domain for development and the Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in have been updated (see chapter “Updating the Fabasoft app.ducx feature”).
  • In the “Project Explorer” navigate to the desired project.
  • Open the context menu of the “Software Component References” folder and click “Update All References”.
  • Open the “Project” menu and click “Clean”.

This way you get an overview of all warnings and errors in your project that may arise because of changes in the Fabasoft Folio Domain caused by the update. For more information about renamed, deleted and obsolete component objects consult the white paper “Renamed, Deleted and Obsolete Component Objects”.