2021 September Release

General structure of a Fabasoft app.ducx projectPermanent link for this heading

A Fabasoft app.ducx project consists of one or more source files, formally known as compilation units, and project files that are specific to the development environment used (Eclipse). The source code for an app.ducx project is typically stored in one or more text files with a file extension of .ducx-om, .ducx-rs, .ducx-uc, .ducx-ui, .ducx-os, .ducx-bp, .ducx-ut or .ducx-cu.

Each source file contains exactly one model. A model consists of a block that can contain import declarations and element definitions.

The following example illustrates the skeleton of a Fabasoft app.ducx object model source file that contains import declarations and some element definitions.



// Copyright information



objmodel APPDUCXSAMPLE@200.200
  import COOSYSTEM@1.1;

  class Product : BasicObject {
    string[] productdescription;
    currency unitprice;

Note: The encoding of source files in an Fabasoft app.ducx project is UTF-8.