2021 September Release

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Fabasoft app.ducx is part of Fabasoft’s software product portfolio. Combined with Fabasoft Folio, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise and Fabasoft app.telemetry, it provides everything you need to develop robust composite content applications quickly and efficiently.

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Fabasoft app.ducx is the use case-oriented content application development platform for Fabasoft Folio. With Fabasoft app.ducx, the promise of rapid and easy CCA development becomes a reality.

Fabasoft app.ducx has been specifically designed to cover your application life cycle management (ALM) needs and supports you throughout the entire software development life cycle. The efficient implementation of CCAs is facilitated by domain-specific languages.

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Fabasoft Folio is the out-of-the-box software for content governance and business process management.

Fabasoft Folio Enterprise

Fabasoft Folio Enterprise is the enterprise content management platform for enterprise applications tailored to your business needs.

The focus of Fabasoft Folio Enterprise is on customizing extensible and scalable CCAs providing powerful and comprehensive business process management.

Implementing your business processes with Fabasoft Folio Enterprise leads to improved quality, productivity, speed and security in your organization, and provides for deadlines, automatic exception handling, and process path optimization. A sophisticated access rights system safeguards your sensitive business data from unauthorized access.

  • Business process management
  • Process-oriented access control
  • Easily customizable, extensible and scalable
  • Support for up to 100,000 users and distributed, heterogeneous environments
  • Connecter to iArchiveLink

Fabasoft Folio Enterprise is Fabasoft’s comprehensive base edition covering enterprise content management and business process management requirements.

Fabasoft Folio Compliance

Fabasoft Folio Compliance is focused on providing compliance management and online archiving of objects, content and versions. Data is written transparently for users on cost-effective and auditable archive-media. Independently from the chosen archive media Fabasoft Folio Compliance enables single instance storage of content by using a high performance resilient content store. This results in huge cost reductions for administration, backup and restore as well as operations management.

Archived documents and metadata can be restored into the production system according to the configured access rights. Besides the restoring of documents Fabasoft Folio Compliance supports the re-use of these data within your system for further processing. Due to the automatic version management complete traceability of changes is granted.

  • Archive objects, versions and contents
  • Single instance content store
  • Transfer content and metadata to cost-effective archive media
  • Content lifecycle management and retention periods
  • Full-text search in archives with Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise
  • Restore archived contents into the production system

Fabasoft Folio Compliance covers the whole functionality range of Fabasoft Folio Enterprise extended with a sophisticated archiving system. It enables you to manage your content in a verifiable way.

Fabasoft Folio Governance

Fabasoft Folio Governance complements Fabasoft Folio Compliance by electronic records management (ERM). It is Fabasoft’s MoReq2 certified records management solution for organizations having to establish powerful corporate governance based on consistent and orderly business records.

MoReq2 is a European specification for records management (http://www.moreq2.eu) respecting international norms and standards. In conjunction with a comprehensive framework for testing software products it can be proofed if a records management solution meets the specified requirements.

  • Electronic records management
  • Corporate governance
  • MoReq2 certified

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With the seamless integration of Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise into Fabasoft Folio, your CCA is automatically search-enabled, and benefits from an impressively powerful enterprise search software solution. The Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise platform focuses on the meaning and relevancy of information and treats the answers to questions as actionable information, and not just a collection of links. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise supports relevancy models that are applied to specific types of queries and helps users to quickly find the exact, most relevant information.

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Fabasoft app.telemetry provides powerful and easy to use tools for state-of-the-art applications management. As demands on IT services operations dramatically increase to provide high availability and low response time service level agreements, more than a classic system management infrastructure is required. With its tight and efficient integration with Fabasoft software products, Fabasoft app.telemetry is the unrivaled answer for applications management.