2021 April Release

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Fabasoft app.telemetry is a revolutionary measuring and profiling software. This tool allows you to record the activities of any software application at runtime spanning all layers of the Fabasoft Folio Reference Architecture.

Using the collected data, you can easily analyze the processing steps of requests to a Fabasoft Folio Web Service throughout all Fabasoft Folio Services involved.

For the collection of data as requests are processed, so-called measuring points have been added to all Fabasoft Folio Services and the Fabasoft Folio Kernel. These measuring points remain deactivated as long as the recording of request data is not initiated using the Fabasoft app.telemetry Control Center Management Interface.

The seamless integration of Fabasoft app.test allows for a detailed analysis of app.test use cases and use case sequences using the Fabasoft app.telemetry Analyzer tool.

Fabasoft app.telemetry is an essential tool for every software component developer as it allows you to evaluate the effects of hardware, software and configuration changes.

The Fabasoft app.telemetry Analyzer combines the data of different services to give you an overview of the performance impact of processed requests. You can then drill down throughout all levels of processing. This way, you can track performance issues down to the use case level so you can optimize use case implementations. Moreover, the Fabasoft app.telemetry Analyzer allows you to drill down even further so you can even see the SQL statements issued on the database server.