2021 July Release

Display trace messages in EclipsePermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx extends the Console View to display trace messages from the default web service.

In the Eclipse preferences the trace output level can be customized. The client timeout defines the timespan the client waits until it sends the next request to the server. The server timeout defines the timespan the server waits maximally until the response is sent. Lower values increase the network traffic.

Saving the trace messages can be enabled. The output folder, the maximum size of each output file and the number of files can be specified. When an output file has the given maximum size a new one is created, when the given number of files is reached the oldest one is deleted. The newest file is always trace0.log. A blank “Number of Files” field means infinite number of files.

Tracer messages can be filtered by Java Regular Expressions. You can define a set of regular expressions and whether the trace messages matching the expressions should be included or excluded. When no filter restriction is enabled, every message is included and nothing is excluded. The specified restrictions can be enabled or disabled.