2021 September Release

Defining stringsPermanent link for this heading

In Fabasoft Folio, multilingual strings can be stored in instances of object class String (COOSYSTEM@1.1:String).


string reference;

The string keyword is used to define a string object. The actual text that is stored in the string object is defined like any other multilingual string in Fabasoft app.ducx. Please refer to chapter “Multilingual strings” for more information on how to enter multilingual strings in Fabasoft app.ducx.

The main purpose of string objects is to be used for defining the label text of branches in dialogs of virtual applications.

Most dialogs, for instance, have a Cancel branch for aborting the virtual application. In order to avoid having to enter the string “Cancel” for each Cancel branch, you simply define a string object holding the string “Cancel”, and reuse it for each Cancel branch.

For detailed information on virtual applications, please refer to chapter “Defining a virtual application”.


resources APPDUCXSAMPLE@200.200 {
  import COOSYSTEM@1.1;

  // String object for storing the string "Print Invoice" which is to be
  // used for a branch in a dialog for editing invoice objects

  string StrPrintInvoice;