2021 September Release

Defining portalsPermanent link for this heading


portal reference {
  pane reference {
    colorscheme = colorscheme;
    page reference {
      application = application;

The app.ducx user interface language allows you to define custom portals in your software component.

In Fabasoft Folio, a portal is comprised of three distinct elements:

  • the Portal (FSCVPORT@1.1001:Portal) object itself
  • one or more Portal Panes (FSCVPORT@1.1001:Pane) that are part of the portal
  • one or more Portal Pages (FSCVPORT@1.1001:Page) that are part of a portal pane

The keyword portal is used to define a portal. It must be followed by a reference and curly braces. The portal may contain multiple portal panes, which are defined inside the portal block using the pane keyword.

Each pane block must have a reference followed by curly braces. Inside the pane block, you may use the colorscheme keyword to assign a predefined color scheme to the portal pane.

The page keyword denotes a portal page. Multiple pages can be nested within a pane block. In each page block, a virtual application must be referenced using the application keyword. This virtual application is invoked when the portal page is displayed.


userinterface APPDUCXSAMPLE@200.200
  import COOSYSTEM@1.1;
  import FSCVAPP@1.1001;

  portal CustomerPortal {
    pane OrderPane {
      colorscheme = Green;
      page OrderPage {
        application = OrderOverview;