2021 December Release

Creating your own setup kitPermanent link for this heading

To create a setup kit including your own software solution perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the Fabasoft Folio product DVD on a writeable media.
  2. Copy your software solution in the Setup directory.

The base Fabasoft Folio product extended by your own software solution can now be installed or updated using setup.exe or setup.sh.


  • For more information about software solutions see chapter “Software products, software editions and software solutions”.
  • The property COOSYSTEM@1.1:solallowedbaseeditions of a software solution contains the references of allowed base software editions for this software solution. At least one of the allowed base software editions must be installed in the Fabasoft Folio Domain to be able to install this software solution. Leave this property empty, if the software solution should be a stand-alone solution instead of an add-on solution. Keep in mind that only one stand-alone software edition or software solution can be installed in a Fabasoft Folio Domain.
  • Make sure that all COO files of your additionally needed software components (Fabasoft app.ducx projects) are copied in the software solution folder. The software components have to be referenced in the property COOSYSTEM@1.1:prodcomponents. Information about exporting software components in COO files can be found in chapter “Exporting software components” and in chapter “Build and test environments”.