2021 September Release

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Code Coverage is a measure known from software testing. It describes the degree to which source code of a component has been tested, e.g. by executing a unit tests or an app.tests.

When compiling a Fabasoft app.ducx project, any relevant line is recorded and the resulting metadata will be a part of your component. Coverage can be measured, when tests are executing within a coverage session.

A coverage session can be started interactively or using ant tasks or with an expression by calling the action FSCAPPDUCX@1.1001:StartCoverage. Currently pure line coverage is used.

A coverage session will live until it is explicitly stopped interactively, by the ant task or by calling FSCAPPDUCX@1.1001:StopCoverage. Sessions not stopped at service shutdown will be persisted and restarted at service startup. Coverage data files are provided for every software component.

The ratio between all touched lines and executed lines is your coverage.

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Any Fabasoft app.ducx expression contained in a Fabasoft app.ducx project is instrumented by recording all executable lines. When executing within a coverage session, all executed Fabasoft app.ducx expression lines are touched.

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Currently object class properties are instrumented. Model Coverage is based on accessing object properties. Every time a property of an object class is accessed, the corresponding source code line is touched.

Note: Fabasoft app.ducx Model Coverage is available from Summer Release 2012.