2021 September Release

Benefits of Fabasoft app.ducxPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx relies on cutting-edge technology to facilitate rapid application development. This section gives a concise overview of the main benefits of Fabasoft app.ducx. For more detailed information, please consult the software product information “Fabasoft app.ducx”.

Shorter time to valuePermanent link for this heading

The use case-oriented approach of developing CCAs with Fabasoft app.ducx focuses on the perspective of the end-user. Powerful domain-specific languages reduce the complexity of projects leading to less ambiguity and fewer errors between specification and implementation. As a result, maintenance and development costs can be reduced while at the same time increasing end-user satisfaction.

Automated testing with Fabasoft app.test integrated into your development environment will help you to achieve a consistent level of high quality application development. Through its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, running comprehensive tests against your CCA has never been easier.

Holistic application life cycle managementPermanent link for this heading

Software development with Fabasoft app.ducx follows a development process model that describes a standardized approach to the variety of tasks and activities that take place during the process of creating a CCA. This development process model is called the software development life cycle.

Fabasoft app.ducx is part of the Fabasoft application life cycle management suite that supports the entire software development life cycle. As illustrated by the next figure, Fabasoft app.ducx allows you to manage and control the software development life cycle from within your development environment (Eclipse).

Figure 1: Software development life cycle with Fabasoft app.ducx

Integrated in your development environmentPermanent link for this heading

In keeping with Fabasoft’s commitment to provide platform independence, Fabasoft app.ducx is a development platform for both the Microsoft Windows and Linux worlds and is therefore integrated into Eclipse. This means greater flexibility for your organization while developing solutions.

Automated testingPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.test is a powerful tool for the automated testing of your CCA. Recording and playing of interactions happens within a context-sensitive user interface.

Localization and customizationPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx allows for an easy and effortless localization and customization of your CCA.

Integrated compilerPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx allows you to benefit from the rich metadata, compile-time syntax checking, static typing and auto-completion previously available only to imperative programming languages.

Using the compiler provided with Fabasoft app.ducx, a Fabasoft app.ducx project can be compiled by simply triggering the build process of the respective development environment, which produces a Fabasoft Folio container file (with a .coo extension) and – if the project also contains use case implementations in Java – a Java archive (.jar) file. These files are then automatically packaged, compressed, and loaded into the Fabasoft app.ducx domain.

Delta loaderPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft app.ducx compiler produces a Fabasoft Folio container file, which is uploaded to a web service connected to your Fabasoft app.ducx domain. In some projects, this Fabasoft Folio container file holding your software component may get quite large. To optimize upload performance, Fabasoft app.ducx uses a built-in delta loader which, whenever possible, only uploads the changes since the last upload in order to save time and network bandwidth.

Automatic address managementPermanent link for this heading

With Fabasoft app.ducx, you do not need to worry about address management anymore. Fabasoft app.ducx automatically assigns addresses to all component objects created and keeps track of address assignments.

Fabasoft app.ducx cachePermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx can maintain a local cache on your development computer, which contains all the information necessary for compiling an app.ducx project without needing to connect to the development web service.

When you reuse functionality provided by another software component in your Fabasoft app.ducx project, you have to add a reference to this software component, which triggers an update of the local Fabasoft app.ducx cache.

“Convention over configuration” principlePermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.ducx uses a set of coding and naming conventions that when adhered to eliminate the need for configuring every single aspect of your software solution. As a result, you need to write less code which will make software development and maintenance much easier.