2021 September Release

Benefits of creating CCAs based on Fabasoft technologyPermanent link for this heading

In this section, the main benefits of developing CCAs based on Fabasoft software products are presented and discussed briefly.

Content governancePermanent link for this heading

CCAs built with Fabasoft app.ducx benefit from Fabasoft Folio’s seamless integration of business process management, enterprise content management, and records management. The advantage for your business arises from the widespread and consistent availability of information and the standardized, secure way it can be accessed in the context of your CCA.

Using Fabasoft Folio as its basis, your CCA also meets all of your knowledge management, relationship management and compliance management needs.

Single-instance content storePermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio maintains content in a high-performance single-instance content store. This means that data used by your CCA is always available as required – while saving expensive disk space and simplifying content management by just keeping one copy of your content within your entire organization.

CompliancePermanent link for this heading

CCAs based on Fabasoft Folio enable you to rapidly and easily transform your compliance procedures and guidelines into structured electronic business processes. The system maintains revision-safe documentation of the implementation of these processes and all related work. This documentation is available to authorized individuals for consultation during compliance audits.

Content life cycle managementPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Folio offers complete management of your CCA’s business objects for the entire duration of their life cycle.

Approved text modules and templates are used right from the start when the document is first created. Documents are clearly ordered according to business connections, events, projects, files or any other relationship meaningful to your business. Access rights ensure that security guidelines for sensitive documents such as personnel records are complied with while at the same time guaranteeing maximum flexibility of business processes.

Fabasoft Folio features a powerful workflow technology to achieve efficiency and transparency in business processes. Ad hoc and predefined workflows can be easily created, configured and re-used. Using a graphical user interface, the status of any given process and its associated business objects can be monitored in real time.

Access protection and access rights systemPermanent link for this heading

A sophisticated access rights system ensures that sensitive data can only be viewed by authorized users. Who is authorized to do what in which phase of a process can be specified effortlessly, right down to individual operations and data fields. In addition, an automatic record can also be kept of accessed content that requires special protection.

Fabasoft reference architecturePermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft reference architecture offers your CCAs a resilient backbone that can scale to support from 100 to 100,000 users. In conjunction with Fabasoft app.telemetry this allows you to achieve and manage your defined application service levels.

Platform independencePermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft’s line of software products is available on both Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms to meet the evolving requirements of your business.

Fabasoft Folio offers you several choices: Linux in the datacenter and Microsoft Windows on the desktop? A full open source stack in the datacenter and on the desktop? A pure Microsoft Windows environment?

Fabasoft Folio is an open system and can be used as a framework for CCAs based on Java. These CCAs are developed using Fabasoft app.ducx in your Eclipse development environment.